Ardora 7.3

  • Categoría: Science / Education
  • Licencia: Freeware
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It lets teachers create educational activities of all types for their students.

Ardora is an IT application that lets all kinds of teachers create their own activities, in HTML format, for all their students in a simple way.

With Ardora you can create more than thirty types of different activites, crosswords, word searches, graphic panels, clocks, etc. The teacher only needs to focus their efforts on the elements of the activity, not on the IT.

Once you insert the elements of the activity, via simple forms, Ardora will create the webpage and file (normally a Java applet) that contains the activity. Now you just need a browser to view it and do the designed exercise.

In this version of Ardora there are new templates for creating packs, eleven new types of activites and a new series of improvements for ordering phrases, completing them, tests against the clock, etc.


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